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Kumusta. Welcome to Learning Filipino!

Here at Learning Filipino, we believe that ANYONE CAN LEARN FILIPINO, otherwise known as Tagalog. We give you the tools in a SIMPLE AND FUN WAY so that you are consistently engaged in the material. Many of our students have been searching for an effective Tagalog course for a very long time, and they found that our courses are presented in a clear and friendly manner.

Students remark that our courses are “clear, enjoyable, relevant, informative, and show real Tagalog” with “well-done and creative animations.” Our students have stated that this gives them the “foundation to build sentences, but also gives decent contextual vocabulary for common situations and conversations with Filipinos”. The only thing they wished is that they had found a course like this years ago. So, don’t wait another year to learn Tagalog! Start today, and you’ll be amazed at how much and how fast you can learn this language with our courses!

 Here’s what makes our courses different from others:

  1. Video based (Students can both listen to the pronunciation and see the words and phrases)
  2. Animations galore (Courses are filled with animations to keep you attentive and entertained)
  3. Lots of Practice Questions! (The content creator has actually worked in a Memory & Cognition lab that researches how humans learn and remember information. So, she understands the importance of providing students opportunity to practice the content they’ve learned right away.)
  4. You can email your teacher questions (You will be provided with the email address of the teacher so you can contact her directly should you have any questions.)
  5. Try it for free (We have a free trial option, which means you can check out some lessons for free, before deciding to purchase the full course.)

Besides our language, we also want you to learn more about being Filipino. Because Filipino is not only the national language of the Philippines, it’s also the term for its people, its food, and its culture. It’s an important word that brings together all Filipinos from the many thousands of islands of the Philippines, as well as all those Filipinos residing abroad. We, as Filipinos, have many differences from each other; many different ethnic groups still reside in the Philippines with their unique customs and beliefs, their own local language, their own style of cooking and recipes. We are a melting pot of personalities and ideas; but as much as we appreciate of our differences, we’re even more grateful to be Filipinos!

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