Interesting Articles and Essays about Filipinos and the Philippines

Fun Facts about Filipinos

This will give you fun and interesting facts about Filipinos that you might not know about and hopefully help you understand Filipinos more.

Are Beauty Pageants Archaic?

Some people believe that beauty pageants do not belong in modern times and might even call it archaic. Are beauty pageants archaic or very much present and thriving in our world today?

Best way to learn Tagalog

Learn strategies on how to best learn Tagalog (Filipino) or any new language for that matter. These tips will help you as you learn Tagalog. Keep them in mind whether you’re just starting learning Tagalog or have been learning it for a while.

I Feel Like An Outsider Within The Filipino Culture

Filipino-American discusses why she feels like an outsider within the Filipino culture. She provides examples of factors that have contributed to her feeling like an outsider, followed by reasons that ultimately led her to embrace her multi-faceted Filipino-American identity.

The Filipino Family through an American’s eyes

Hierarchy in the Filipino Family There is a definite hierarchy in the Filipino family with age a great determinant of how individual family members will treat one another. Within the immediate family, the parents are of course on the top of the hierarchy. But unlike...

An American’s Perspective on Filipino Hospitality

Truly, the Filipino people are the most “take their shirt off their back for you” kind of people I have ever met.  I have known lots of cultures and this really stands out to me about Filipinos.   When I married my wife, I married into a Filipino family.  But I didn’t...

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