Best way to Learn Tagalog



Meaningful Repetition


  • Memorizing a word by simply translating it to your first language is not enough to ingrain it in your memory. You have to internalize that word – give that word its definition in your own terms – making that word yours by defining it in your own voice and your own vocabulary.
  • How do you internalize a word or make it yours? Make that word important. Make it front stage even for a minute or a few seconds – visualize it, repeat it, love it or hate it, and role-play with it.

Start with the basics, then add a layer of complexity, one at a time.


  • Start out with the easy and simple words, and after you feel comfortable with those, add another layer of functionality or/and complexity to the simple. This is similar to “walk before you run” or when mastering technical skills like karate – learning gross motor skills first before working on fine motor skills.
  • Some people are so eager to learn a new language, only to be disheartened afterwards, because they are overwhelmed. For many, the reason they feel overwhelmed is because they are rushing the process. They want to sprint before they even know how to walk. Have a solid understanding of the basics first and keep learning the language at a consistent but manageable pace.

Progress, not Perfection


  • Learning a language is not about being perfect: it’s not about remembering every single word or every new grammar rule you have just learned. Instead, it’s about consistent practice until you make progress. The rate of progress will differ for each person, and you as a language learner must stay focus and keep reminding yourself that every new word and phrase you learn brings you one step closer to fluency.
  • Usually, it’s the people who are so self-conscious about messing up the pronunciation of the words or using incorrect grammar that finds language learning more difficult. ­



  • Many studies have shown the beneficial effects of testing in enhancing learning and memory. This is especially true for learning a new language. Make sure you take all the tests our course provides. They will help you learn and retain Tagalog words and phrases.­

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