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Philippines is the second largest archipelago in the world!

(Archipelago means a group of ISLANDS, so with that many islands you can have your own private island when you need to get away from it all.)


Palawan has been voted the BEST ISLAND in the world 


Boracay has been voted the BEST BEACH in the world


Philippines has been voted the BEST COUNTRY in the world

(Well that’s relative. We wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Best country in what, you may ask. We’re sure it’s the best country for something. For many Filipinos, Philippines is the best country in the world! Links provided in FilipiKnoW will present you with articles and stories that capture the best of Filipino and the Philippines!)

Filipino is not only the national language of the Philippines, it’s also the term for its people. It’s also the adjective that describes Philippine food and culture. 

As you can see, Filipino is an important word that brings together all Filipinos from the many thousands of islands of the Philippines as well as Filipinos residing abroad. 

This page will provide you with important topics that will help you learn more about Filipinos and the Philippines. Be sure to check them out to learn more about what makes our people and country unique. Whether you have Filipino ancestry or a foreigner who is curious about Filipino culture, you will find that our articles will help you appreciate the Filipino people and our culture more. 

If you are Filipino, please keep learning about Filipino things so that we can continue to pass on our heritage to our children, grandchildren, and beyond.


If you are a foreigner, thank you for learning and caring! We are grateful for your curiousity and appreciation of the Filipino people, our language, and our culture. In sharing the Filipino experience, you may find that not only do we share many commonalities, but through learning more about Filipino, you are also learning more about yourself and the culture you are born with. 


Be sure to check out this page, and read more interesting topics about the Philippines!


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