How to say Happy Birthday in Tagalog (Filipino)

Maligayang kaarawan                    Happy birthday


Maligayang kaarawan is how the Tagalog word for happy birthday. However, many Filipinos, especially those living abroad or in Manila, don’t use this as much as its simple English counterpart, Happy Birthday, spoken in a Filipino accent (ha-pi bert-dey).

Younger people also prefer to say “hapi bertdey” over maligayang kaarawan, which seems outdated to them.

Another phrase that’s used to greet someone happy birthday is maligayang bati. But, maligayang bati (which literally means happy greeting) is also no longer used as much. However, “maligayang bati” is still used in the famous song titled, you guessed it ”Maligayang Bati”, which is sung to the tune of the infamous English Happy Birthday song.


Related words for birthday

Regalo                                  Gift

Handa                                  Party Food

Pagkain                                Food


Related phrases

Ano ang handa mo?                                 What food will you prepare?

Kailan ang bertdey mo?                           When is your birthday?

Ilang taon ka na?                                       How old are you?

Ilang taon ka na ngayon?                         How old are you today?

Kain na!                                                       Let’s eat!


Happy birthday song translation from English to Tagalog (Filipino)

Happy Birthday                                                                                Maligayang Bati

(English song)                                                                                   (Tagalog translation and version)

Happy birthday to you                                                                   Maligayang  bati

Happy birthday to you                                                                   Maligayang  bati

Happy birthday, happy birthday                                                   Maligayang, maligayang

Happy birthday to you                                                                   Maligayang bati


(The Filipino version of the traditional birthday song does not call out the birthday celebrant by name, but instead replaces “dear Name” with another “happy birthday”, as italicized above.)

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