How do you say hello or hi in Tagalog (Filipino) ?

Kumusta      hello, hi

Kamusta        hello, hi


Kumusta vs Kamusta. What’s the difference?

Both mean the same thing. Kumusta is what’s normally used written. However, when spoken, both terms are used, with some younger people sometimes preferring to use kamusta.


Origin of “Kumusta”

Kumusta comes from the Spanish phrase “como estas”.


*Many Filipino words are borrowed from Spanish, since Spain colonized the Philippines for a few hundred years. 


Examples on how to use Kumusta/Kamusta

Use kumusta when speaking to someone you’ve met for the first time and you want to sound more formal, especially if that person is older.

Use kamusta when speaking to a friend.


Common Phrases using the Words Kumusta and Kamusta

Kamusta ka?                                                How are you?

Kumusta po kayo?                                      How are you? (plural)

Kamusta ka na?                                          How are you?

Kumusta na si ____?                                    How is ____?

Kamusta na si mare?                                  How’s mare (female friend)?

Kamusta na si pare?                                   How’s pare (male friend)?


Potential Responses to Kumusta and Kamusta

Mabuti naman                                             Fine

Ayos naman                                                  Okay

Okey naman                                                 Okay

Okey lang                                                      Just okay


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